Guild Wars 2: Roller Beetle Mount Collection Guide

Witness real speed with the Roller Beetle in Guild Wars 2. Get it today by reading this guide.
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How to get the Roller Beetle in GW2


  • Players have to complete the second story mission from Long Live the Lich to start the Roller Beetle collection.
  • To get the Roller Beetle, you have to complete a series of three collections.
  • Roller Beetles can participate in races throughout Tyria, Cantha and the Crystal Desert.

The Roller Beetle is a mount that was introduced in Living World Season 4, Episode 3, Long Live the Lich. As part of this episode, players can venture into the Domain of Kourna and unlock the Roller Beetle mount.

This is the fastest mount in the game as it can cross vast dunes in the Crystal Desert in a blink of an eye. You have to watch out how fast you go though, because handling becomes a bit harder when you are traveling with the beetle, and using the Drift ability can prevent you from bumping into things that would just slow you down.

How to get the Roller Beetle

To get the Roller Beetle in GW2, players have to complete the second story mission from Living World Season 4, Episode 3, Long Live the Lich. After that, complete a series of three collections that will take you all over the Domain of Kourna, and some parts of Tyria.

High Roller

After completing the second mission from Living World Season 4, Episode 3, head over to the Domain of Kourna, and speak with Spearmarshal Zaeim who is located north on the southern side of the Allied Encampment. Take the waypoint Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=], and head west from there. After that, speak with Gorrik, who is also located in the encampment, but on the northern side of it.

Following these steps will complete the High Roller achievement, and unlock the Beetle Juice collection.

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice

The Beetle Juice is the first collection that requires you to get nine different items spread all over the Domain of Kourna. The good thing is that these items will not consume any inventory space, and I have laid out a table below that will take you all over the domain to get the items that are closer to each other first.

Item Location Directions
Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling Liquid Kodonur Crossing Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling Liquid
Dragon Protein Kodonur Crossing Dragon Protein
Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum Elon Basin Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum
Untested Speed Serum Bitterfly Bayou Untested Speed Serum
Lightning in a Bottle Bitterfly Bayou Lightning in a Bottle
Bottle of Dark Smoke Bitterfly Bayou Bottle of Dark Smoke
Flask of Churning Liquid Arkjok Farmlands Flask of Churning Liquid
Calcified Megalodon Fin Arkjok Farmlands Calcified Megalodon Fin
210 Proof Rotgut Arkjok Farmlands 210 Proof Rotgut

Full Recovery

After obtaining all the items, head back to Gorrik and speak with him to complete the Full Recovery and this Beetle Juice collection. This will unlock the second collection in the series, Beetle Saddle.

Beetle Saddle

Beetle Saddle

The Beetle Saddle is the second collection needed for the Roller Beetle, and this one is a bit harder than the juice as it will take you to enemy territory and require you to defeat bosses that spawn at certain times.

Shadow Creator’s Seal

Simply complete any bounty in the Domain of Kourna. It is recommended that you do that with a squad, as bounties are extremely difficult to solo.

Inquest Beetle Notes

Inquest Beetle Notes randomly drop from Awakened Inquest in the Domain of Kourna. You can find this type of Inquest in the Dabiji Hollows which is a cave located east of the waypoint Apizmic Grounds Waypoint [&BFALAAA=].

Inquest Power Schematics

Hack any of the two Lab Terminals located in the Dabiji Hollows. Those terminals can be reached by taking the stairs inside the cave.

Plagued Struts

Plagued Struts are obtained by defeating an Inquest Golem. I found that there is always a golem in the Front Line area just outside Gandara.

Steam Power Coupling

Head over to the waypoint Lamentation Waypoint [&BOoAAAA=] in Lornar’s Pass, and go down the hill to the left. There you will find a bunch of Steamed Minotaurs and Hulks. Defeat any one of them to get the Steam Power Coupling.

Mk II Power Inverter

Defeat the Inquest Golem Mark II who is the final boss in the meta event of Mount Maelstrom. To get there, take the waypoint Old Sledge Site Waypoint [&BNQCAAA=] and head north.

To find out when the Inquest Golem Mark II spawns, check out the world boss timer.

Anomaly Spark

Anomaly Spark

Participate in the “Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads” event. This event can spawn in Gendarran Fields, Iron Marches, or Timberline Falls. To check the next location, follow the timer on this wiki page.

Completed Saddle and Saddle Up

After obtaining all seven items in the collection, head back to the Domain of Kourna, and speak with Blish and then Petey to complete the collection. Both of them can be found next to Gorrik.

Beetle Feed

Beetle Feed

The last collection in the Roller Beetle series would be the Beetle Feed. To get this, you have to defeat some enemies around the Domain of Kourna, the Crystal Desert, and some other places in Central Tyria.

Desert Luciferin

Can be purchased for Inscribed Shard 50 Inscribed Shards from the Renown Heart merchant Milin who is located next to the waypoint Apizmic Grounds Waypoint [&BFALAAA=]. Those shards can be obtained by playing in the Domain of Kourna, completing events, opening chests, and getting 100% map completion. They can also be purchased from vendors all over Tyria.

Frigid Wurm Goo

Dropped by Cave Wurms who can be found in the Ntouka Ponds, far west of Kourna. You will have to swim deep underwater for this one to find the Cave Wurms.

Live Plague Scarab

Obtained after completing the “Trample scarabs with your mount to contain the outbreak” event which can be located in either the Front Line or the Western Front areas.

Plague Scarab Egg

Plague Scarab Egg

Dropped by Plague Experiments during the map’s meta event, Gandara, the Moon Fortress.

Toxic Spider Yolk

Head over to Kessex Hills, and defeat the Toxic Spider Queen who can be found either in waypoint Viathan Waypoint [&BBAAAAA=] or Gap Waypoint [&BLoDAAA=]. I found that she spawns more often near the Viathan Waypoint in the Manefire Hills area.

Hearty Beetle Slime

Dropped by Alpha Beetle in the Far Shiverpeaks. This beetle spawns during the event “Kill the alpha beetle”, and to start it, you have to defeat the Giant Beetle on the ledge. However, make sure that there are not other events in the area like “Clear out the Mordrem threat” as the Alpha Beetle will not spawn if that’s the case.

Moreover, it can take a couple of tries to spawn the Alpha Beetle if she was recently defeated, you might have to defeat the Gian Beetle a few times.

Junundu Ichor

Junundu Ichor

Dropped by Junundu Ichor who can be found in the sulfury rivers of The Desolation map.

Dinner’s Ready

Once you obtained all the above items, head back and speak to Petey next to Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna, and you will complete the last collection and unlock the Roller Beetle in Guild Wars 2.

Roller Beetle Abilities

The Roller Beetle’s abilities focus on giving it maneuverability perks rather than anything offensive and defensive. This allows it to cross a lot of land in a short period of time.

Ability Description
Roll Out Dash forward, damaging any enemies you pass through before you dismount the beetle.
Drift Literally, drift with your beetle to gain increased handling.
Boost Allows your beetle to become The Flash.

Roller Beetle Masteries

Raptor Masteries

The masteries of the Roller Beetle allow it to become like a car that’s used for extreme sports. When you upgrade all the masteries of the beetle, you will be able to perform stylish moves while mid-air like snowboarding, and run through walls just like a monster truck.

Mastery Mastery Points Description
Wrecking Ball 3 Path of Fire Mastery Passing through an enemy while using the Roll Out skill knocks them back.
Barrier Smash 4 Path of Fire Mastery Allows the beetle to smash through hidden walls and break Volatile Crystals
Big Air 5 Path of Fire Mastery You can perform stylish moves while in mid-air to regenerate some endurance.
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