Guild Wars 2: Generation Three Legendary Weapons Guide

End of Dragons introduced Generation Three Legendary Weapons. Here is how you can get them.
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Gw2 Generation Three Legendary Weapons

If you own End of Dragons, then you should already be on your way to crafting Generation Three Legendary Weapons, or what the community would like the call them, Aurene Legendaries.

What are Generation Three Legendary Weapons

Gen 3 Legendary Weapons were introduced with the End of Dragon expansion. This is really when Scion and Champion become one, and players can actually craft Aurene weapons that will make you feel overpowered “not literally”.

By overpowered, I mean functionality-wise. In fact, Ascended and Legendary gear share the same stats, but the difference is that Legendaries can swap those stats at any point in time as long as you are outside of combat.

Moreover, changing the skins of Gen 3 Legendaries costs zero Transmutation Charges, and removing Sigils and Runes can be done without using an Upgrade Extractor.

How to get GW2 Gen 3 Legendaries

To get Generation Three Legendary Weapons, you have to go all over Cantha collecting materials to craft three gifts and a precursor.

  • Gift of Jade Mastery Gift of Jade Mastery
  • Draconic Tribute Draconic Tribute
  • Weapon-specific Gift
  • Weapon Precursor

Step 1: Getting the Gift of Jade Mastery

Just like any of the GW2 Legendary Weapons, Gen 3 weapons need a Gift of Mastery as well, but this time around, you will have to craft it by exploring maps in Cantha, and collecting other materials while you’re at it.

Here are the materials needed to craft a Gift of Jade Mastery:

  • Gift of the Dragon Empire
    • Jade Runestone 100 Jade Runestones
      • Can be purchased from the Trading Post
      • Chance to obtain them from Chests all over Cantha, and guaranteed to get from the meta event chests of Echovald Wilds, Gyala Delve, and New Kaineng City.
    • Chunk of Pure Jade 200 Chunks of Pure Jade
      • Can be rarely found in all Ore Veins across Cantha, but can be mainly farmed from Jadeite Vein nodes that can be found in Dragon’s End and Gyala Delve.
      • If you have the extra gold and are feeling lazy, then you can also purchase them at the Trading Post
    • Chunk of Ancient Ambergris 100 Chunks of Ancient Ambergris
      • Can be obtained from fishing with a low chance.
      • Can be purchased from the Trading Post (But can be expensive).
      • Can be purchased from local fishing vendors for Ascended 10 Flawless Fish (Requires Local Legend mastery)
    • Blessing of Jade Empress 5 Blessings of the Jade Empress
      • Can be purchased from Myung-Hee in the Shing Jea Monastery in Seitung Province for Imperial Favor 500 Imperial Favor each. (You have to complete The Jade Vault achievement to access her goods)
  • Gift of Cantha
    • Gift of Seitung Province (100% Map completion of Seitung Province).
    • Gift of New Kaineng City (100% Map completion of New Kaineng City).
    • Gift of the Echovald Forest (100% Map completion of Echovald Forest).
    • Gift of Dragon’s End (100% Map completion of Dragon’s End).
  • Bloodstone Shard Bloodstone Shard
    • One Bloodstone Shard can be purchased for Spirit Shards 200 Spirit Shards from Miyani who is located in Lion’s Arch near the Mystic Forge.
  • Antique Summoning Stone 100 Antique Summoning Stones (Time-gated)
    • Guaranteed from the Dragon’s End: Hero’s Choice Chest that can only be obtained once per day by completing Dragon’s End meta event.
    • Sold by Levias in Arborstone for different currencies, but you can get a maximum of 5 per week, and requires Globalization mastery.
    • Rewarded for completing Challenge Mode Strike Missions, once per week per Mission.
    • Can be purchased from the Trading Post (Can be really expensive)

Once you have the Gift of the Dragon Empire, the Gift of Cantha, the Bloodstone Shard, and 100 Antique Summoning Stones, combine them all in the Mystic Forge and you will then find the Gift of Jade Mastery in your inventory.

Step 2: Getting the Draconic Tribute

Among all the Gifts of Tribute, this costs the least Mystic Clovers, and this is good as Generation Three Legendaries are already a huge investment. Nevertheless, this gift is mostly a gold sink and requires you to own different materials from all over the maps of Guild Wars 2.

Here is a list of materials needed to craft the Draconic Tribute:

  • Mystic Clover 38 Mystic Clovers
  • 1 Gift of Condensed Might
  • 1 Gift of Condensed Magic
  • 5 Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone

Mystic Clovers

Luckily, this gift only needs 38 Mystic Clovers, and there are different ways in which you can obtain Mystic Clovers. You have gambling in the Mystic Forge, getting them from the Wizard’s Vault, or obtaining them from PvP and WvW Tracks.

If you want to check a full list of how you can obtain them efficiently, then you ought to check out the dedicated Mystic Clovers Guide.

Gift recipes

Crafting the Gift of Condensed Might and Gift of Condensed Magic requires you to purchase some prerequisite recipes. Each recipe costs 10 gold, and you will need eight of them. Those recipes can be purchased from Miyani who is located in Lion’s Arch, and unlocking them once will permanently unlock them on all your account.

Gift of Condensed Might

Gift Material
Gift of Fangs
  • 100 Vicious Fangs
  •  250 Large Fangs
  •  50 Sharp Fangs
  •  50 Fangs
Gift of Scales
  • 100 Armored Scales
  •  250 Large Scales
  •  50 Smooth Scales
  •  50 Scales
Gift of Claws
  • 100 Vicious Claws
  •  250 Large Claws
  •  50 Sharp Claws
  •  50 Claws
Gift of Bones
  • 100 Ancient Bones
  •  250 Large Bones
  •  50 Heavy Bones
  •  50 Bones

Gift of Condensed Magic

Gift Material
Gift of Blood
  • 100 Vials of Powerful Blood
  •  250 Vials of Potent Blood
  •  50 Vials of Thick Blood
  •  50 Vials of Blood
Gift of Venom
  • 100 Powerful Venom Sacs
  •  250 Potent Venom Sacs
  •  50 Full Venom Sacs
  •  50 Venom Sacs
Gift of Totems
  • 100 Elaborate Totems
  •  250 Intricate Totems
  •  50 Engraved Totems
  •  50 Totems
Gift of Dust
  • 100 Piles of Crystalline Dust
  •  250 Piles of Incandescent Dust
  •  50 Piles of Luminous Dust
  •  50 Piles of Radiant Dust

Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone

Amalgamated Draconic Lodestones

Amalgamated Draconic Lodestones are pretty expensive, and there are multiple ways in which you can get them, but there are three ways to get them efficiently. The first way would be the fastest and that is buying them off the Trading Post.

The second way is to obtain the recipes that allow you to craft those Lodestones. Those recipes can only be obtained by completing the collection Master of the Storms. The recipe requires a rating of 400 at any of the crafting stations 

The third way would be to place the following material in the Mystic Forge:

  • Destroyer Lodestone  10 Destroyer Lodestone
  • Crystal Lodestone  10 Crystal Lodestone
  • Corrupted Lodestone  10 Corrupted Lodestone
  • Mordrem Lodestone 10 Mordrem Lodestone or Pile of Putrid Essence 10 Pile of Putrid Essence

Combining all those Materials in the Mystic Forge will net you 1 Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone, but you can also add 250 of each and receive 25 Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone.

Step 3: Getting the Weapon Gift

Every one of the Gen 3 weapons has its own unique Weapon Gift that can be crafted by combining three common items that all weapons will use, and one Themed poem. To craft the Weapon-unique Gift, you will need to place the following items in the Mystic Forge.

  • Mystic Runestone 100 Mystic Runestones
  • Gift of the Mists
  • Gift of Research
  • Themed poem

Mystic Runestones

Mystic Runestone

Mystic Runestones can be purchased from Miyani who is located next to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch, however, each Mystic Runestone will cost 1 gold and requires the Scholar of Secrets mastery.

Gift of the Mists

To craft the Gift of the Mists, you have to bring and combine the following material in the Mystic Forge.

  • Gift of Glory
    • Purchased from Miyani in Lion’s Arch for Shard of Glory 250 Shards of Glory
  • Gift of Battle
    • Obtained from the WvW Gift of Battle Reward Track
  • Gift of War
    • Purchased from Miyani in Lion’s Arch for Memory of Battle 250 Memories of Battle
  • Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
    • Can be crafted for Ball of Dark Energy 1 Ball of Dark Energy and Stabilizing Matrix 75 Stabilizing Matrices

Gift of Research

In the Mystic Forge, combine the following items to create the Gift of Research:

Themed Poem

To create a Themed Poem, you have to place the following items in the Mystic Forge.

  • 10 Tales of Adventure
    • Can be obtained from the End of Dragons story Acts One through Five, or purchased directly from the Trading Post.
  • 10 Lamplighter’s Badges
    • Can be found in the Chest of the Jade Explorer that is obtained from the repeatable achievements:
      • Illuminating Seitung Province (Seitung Province)
      • Light These Streets (New Kaineng City)
      • Lighting the Echovald Wilds (Echovald Wilds)
      • Lighting Dragon’s End (Dragon’s End)
  • Sheet of Premium Paper
    • Best to be purchased from the Trading Post as this item needs rank 400 Scribe.
  • T7 weapon piece
    • Example: Deldrimor Steel Sword Blade – You can see exactly which one in the table below
Poem T7 Weapon Piece Crafting
Poem on Axes Deldrimor Steel Axe Blade weaponsmith
Poem on Daggers Deldrimor Steel Dagger Blade weaponsmith
Poem on Maces Deldrimor Steel Mace Head weaponsmith
Poem on Pistols Deldrimor Steel Pistol Barrel huntsman
Poem on Scepters Spiritwood Scepter Core artificer
Poem on Swords Deldrimor Steel Sword Blade weaponsmith
Poem on Foci Spiritwood Focus Core artificer
Poem on Shields Deldrimor Steel Shield Boss weaponsmith
Poem on Torches Deldrimor Steel Torch Head huntsman
Poem on Warhorns Deldrimor Steel Horn huntsman
Poem on Greatswords Deldrimor Steel Greatsword Blade weaponsmith
Poem on Hammers Deldrimor Steel Hammer Head weaponsmith
Poem on Longbows Spiritwood Longbow Stave huntsman
Poem on Rifles Deldrimor Steel Rifle Barrel huntsman
Poem on Short Bows Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave huntsman
Poem on Staves Spiritwood Staff Head artificer

Once you’re done collecting 100 Mystic Runestones, a Gift of the Mists, a Gift of Research, and a Themed poem, take them to the Mystic Forge and combine them to create the Weapon-gift.

Step 4: Getting the Generation Three Precursor

You can get a free Gen 3 precursor by completing Tier 2 of Seasons of the Dragons achievement and getting the Fragment of Primatic Light, then exchanging it at Levias in Arborstone.

Apart from the free one that you get from Seasons of the Dragons, you can also get Gen three precursors by buying them off the Trading Post or crafting them yourself. Before we get into the materials needed to craft one, you have to have the recipe for it, and it can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Completing The Cycle, Reborn story rewards you with a Codex of Dragon’s Weapons, and with this chest, you can select a precursor recipe of your own choosing. However, keep note that this can only be done once per account.
  • You can purchase any of the recipes from Levias in Arborstone for Tale of Adventure 10 Tales of Adventure and some Karma.

Unlocking the precursor recipe will also unlock the crafting recipes for both Fortified Components and the Transcendent Crystal.

Now that you have the recipe, here is the list of materials you need to craft it:

  • Fortified Precursor Component 1
    • Can be crafted at crafting stations that are tied to the weapon, but requires a rank of 500.
  • Fortified Precursor Component 2
    • Can be crafted at crafting stations that are tied to the weapon, but requires a rank of 500.
  • Transcendent Crystal (Level 500 artificer huntsman weaponsmith )
    • Glob of Ectoplasm 10 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • Eldritch Scroll Eldritch Scroll
      • Can be purchased at Miyani for Spirit Shards 50 Spirit Shards
    • Hydrocatalytic Reagent 100 Hydrocatalytic Reagents
    • Amalgamated Gemstone 10 Amalgamated Gemstones
  • 100 Memories of Aurene
    • More information can be found below.

Memories of Aurene

Memories of Aurene are special items that you can get even if you don’t have the End of Dragons expansion unlocked, and they can either be purchased from the Trading Post or obtained by completing the following Events or Living World Episodes.

Activity Memories of Aurene Rewarded
Event: Defeat Soo-Won 15
Event: Engage Kralkatorrik 6
Living World: Season 3 Episode 2 – Dragon Vigil 2-3
Living World: Season 3 Episode 3 – Precocious Aurene 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 1 – Eye of the Brandstorm 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 1 – The Hero of Istan 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 2 – A Kindness Repaid 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 3 – Seized 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 3 – Be My Guest 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 4 – A Shattered Nation 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 4 – Legacy 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 5 – Scion & Champion 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 5 – The Crystal Blooms 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 5 – The Crystal Dragon 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 6 – The End 3
Living World: Season 4 Episode 6 – Descent 3
Dragonstorm 6

Finally, with the Fortified Precursor Components 1 and 2, the Transcendent Crystal, and the 100 Memories of Aurene in your inventory, head over to the crafting station and craft that Gen 3 precursor.

Step 5: Creating the Aurene Legendary

Once you have everything in hand, the final step would be to pay Miyani a visit, but this time just to say hi, and use the Mystic Forge instead. Combine the Gift of Jade Mastery, the Draconic Tribute, the precursor, and the Weapon-specific Gift and press the Forge button.

Now, you are finally a Champion! Congratulations on your Aurene Legendary.

This is not the end though, because you can still use this Legendary Weapon to unlock reskins of any of the Elder Dragons that exist in Guild Wars 2. You can get Zhaitan weapons, Primordus weapons, Jormag weapons, Mordremoth weapons, Kralkatorrik weapons, and Soo-Won weapons; continue reading to find out how.

How to get other Elder Dragon Legendary variants

By using Aurene Weapons, you can unlock a skin that matches any of the Elder Dragons that exist in Guild Wars 2. To do that, you have to complete a specific collection and get a Charged Fragment that you can then take to Levias and use to buy the respective Elder Dragon Variant.

Below is a table that shows which Fragment you need, and which collection you have to complete to obtain it.

You can’t access any of the collections before completing the Arms of a New Cycle achievement.

Variant Fragment Collection
Zhaitan Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Shadows Aurene’s Facet of Shadows
Mordremoth Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Plant Aurene’s Facet of Plant
Kralkatorrik Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Crystal Aurene’s Facet of Crystal
Jormag Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Persuasion Aurene’s Facet of Persuasion
Primordus Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Fire Aurene’s Facet of Fire
Soo-Won Weapons Fragment of Prismatic Life Aurene’s Facet of Life

That’s all for Aurene Legendary Weapons, you can always check out how to get Generation Two Weapons, or even Legendary Armor.

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