Guild Wars 2: Zojja’s Journal Achievement Guide

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Guild Wars 2 Zojja's Jounal Achievement

The Wizard’s Tower has so many achievements to complete, but not all of them will give you a unique emote as Zojja’s Journal will. In this guide, we will go over this achievement that allows you to get the Heroic Emote.

How to Complete GW2 Zojja’s Journal Achievement

To complete this achievement, you have to speak with Zojja, finish a series of six collections, and then come back to her for your reward.

To get started, go to the Wizard’s Tower and speak with Zojja. This will unlock a series of six collections that will take you all over Skywatch Archipelago to find her missing pages.

Zojja’s Journal: Devastated Garenhoff

Complete the event “Defeat Possessed Lucretia” to unlock the page steps. This is an event that occurs just next to Point of interest Sailor’s Lament [&BFYOAAA=] in Devastated Garenhoff.

Page Location Map
Near the docks. near the docks near the docks location
Where the Arcane eye watches all. arcane watches all arcane eye location
Where a proud tree stands vigilant. tree stands vigilant tree stands vigilant location

Zojja’s Journal: Skyward Marches

Complete the “Convince Zaishen deserters not to return to the Forged stronghold” event to unlock the page step. This event occurs at the Point of interest Farisan Village [&BDgOAAA=].

Page Location Map
At the ward’s western camp. ward's western camp ward's western camp location
Where a cliff overlooks good and evil. cliff overlooks good and evil. cliff overlooks good and evil. location
Atop a village building caressed by the wind. Atop a village building Atop a village building location

Zojja’s Journal: Droknar’s Light

To get started with getting the pages, complete the event “Help the Deldrimor Defend Droknar’s Light” which starts at waypoint Droknar’s Light Waypoint.

Page Location Map
Atop a table worn by winter’s bite atop a table atop a table location
Where prophecy was guided by flame. prophecy guided by flame location prophecy guided by flame
Near a forge adorned with weapons of old. near a forge near a forge location

Zojja’s Journal: Jade Mech Habitation Zone 03

Complete the event Event shield “Help Min-Ji set up emergency broadcast stations” to get started with the pages.

Page Location Map
At the western end of a bridge. At the western end of a bridge At the western end of a bridge location
At the camp overlooking the desert. At the camp overlooking the desert At the camp overlooking the desert location
In a village, aquatic creatures call home. In a village, aquatic creatures call home In a village, aquatic creatures call home location

Zojja’s Journal: Primal Maguuma

Complete the event “Protect the Injured Rift Hunters” to get started. This event happens right next to the waypoint Observation Camp Waypoint [&BEYOAAA=].

Page Location Map
Across the vine bridge accompanied by ruins. vine bridge vine bridge location
On a bridge broken by the wind. bridge broken by the wind bridge broken by the wind location
On a bridge between two sets of pylons. between two pylons between two pylons location

Zojja’s Journal: Rata Novus

To start getting those pages, complete the event “Defeat the Avatar of Gluttony.”

Page Location Map
Overlooking an insectoid colony. insectoid colony insectoid colony location
In a room surrounded by four pillars of crystal. four pillars of crystal. four pillars of crystal. location
On an alcove overlooking lightning’s wrath. overlooking lightning's wrath. overlooking lightning's wrath. location

Once you’re done with the above six collections, make your way back to Zojja to complete the achievement and obtain your reward.

By the end, you will get the following rewards:

  • Achievement Point 11 Achievement Points
  • Heroic Emote  Heroic emote
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