Guild Wars 2: A New Friend Skyscale Achievement Guide

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GW2 A New Friend

A New Friend is an achievement added to Guild Wars 2 when Secrets of the Obscure was launched. This achievement gives players a new way to obtain the Skyscale mount.

Previously, we were only able to get this mount through Living World Season 4, but now, you can complete the “A New Friend” collection and get your own flying mount.


Before we proceed with the guide, make sure you have the “Who Rescues Whom?” Mastery unlocked. This mastery can be found under the Secrets of the Obscure > Flight Training Mastery line.

Moreover, you need the following material to complete the Skyscale Growing Comforts and Saddle Materials collections.

  •  12 Pieces of Skyscale Food
    • Can be purchased from the Trading Post
    • Can be purchased from Trainer Dyanne in Skywatch Archipelago and each one costs:
      • 2 Slabs of Red Meat
      • 1 Charged Quartz
      • 5 Globs of Ectoplasm
      • 25 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
  • 15 Gold
  • 29 Provisioner Tokens
  • 375 Pinches of Stardust
    • Obtained by running events in Amnytas
  • 375 Static Charges
    • Obtained by running events in Skywatch Archipelago
  • 500 Essences of Despair
    • Complete Tier 1 Rifts anywhere in Tyria

How to complete A New Friend

To complete “A New Friend”, you have to find an Abandoned Egg, speak with Trainer Dyanne, and then complete a series of three collections. Let’s get started with the Abandoned Egg first.

You can find Trainer Dyanne west of the waypoint Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=].

Finding the Abandoned Egg

Step one would be to locate an Abandoned Egg which can be found randomly in Abandoned Nests peppered all over Skywatch Archipelago and Amnytas.

Some people are getting the Egg on their first attempt, and others on their 20th attempt. I was lucky to get it on my 5th. Here is a map showing all possible locations for Abandoned Nests.

Start by scouring the nests in Skywatch Archipelago, then work your way up to Amnytas.

Once you finally find the Egg, speak to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne at the Beacon of Ages to unlock the three other collections, Skyscale Egg Infusions, Skyscale Growing Comforts, and Skyscale Saddle Materials.

Skyscale Egg Infusions

The first step would be to infuse the Egg with different elements and traits.

Item Directions Location
Skyscale of Water Dive all the way down at the waypoint Castavall Waypoint [&BK4BAAA=] Skyscale of Water
Skyscale of Fire Jump into the lava south of waypoint Junker’s Waypoint [&BDcEAAA=] Skyscale of Fire
Skyscale of Ice Run into an Ice storm to get frozen. You can find one in Bitterfrost Frontier, just north of the waypoint Sorrow’s Eclipse Waypoint [&BH0JAAA=] Skyscale of Ice
Skyscale of Earth Just west of the waypoint Prosperity Waypoint [&BHoHAAA=], jump into the quicksand. Skyscale of Earth
Skyscale of Air Found in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Mount Maelstrom. Skyscale of Air
Skyscale of Life Revive 20 NPCs or Players. Anywhere
Skyscale of Blood Defeat 100 Harathi Centaurs near the waypoint Blood Hill Waypoint [&BI0BAAA=] Skyscale of Blood
Skyscale of Growth Interact with the plants in a tunnel north of the waypoint Reckoner’s Waypoint [&BLsEAAA=] Skyscale of Growth
Skyscale of Death Interact with the crypt west of the waypoint Murdered Dreams Waypoint [&BCIDAAA=] Skyscale of Death
Skyscale of Spirit Interact with the Hero Challenge near the waypoint Dewclaw Waypoint [&BOIBAAA=] Skyscale of Spirit
Skyscale of Fear Attack the chickens located south of the waypoint Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint [&BFEBAAA=] Skyscale of Fear
Skyscale of Courage Defeat four World Bosses. You can use the world boss timer to track down any upcoming bosses. Anywhere

Skyscale Growing Comforts

The second step would be to collect food for your baby dragon. The items that are dropped from enemies are random. So you are not guaranteed to get the item from the first kill.

Item Directions Location
Skyscale Treat Purchased for 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food. If you didn’t buy those from the Trading Post, make sure you have enough Charged Quartz, which is an item that you can only get once a day by infusing 25 Quartz Crystals at a place of power. Trainer Dyanne location
Tasty Kryptis Skin Defeat a Kryptis enemy. The fastest way to get this is by doing Rift Hunts. Any Rift
Tasty Trail Ration Defeat Jotun. Can be found west of the waypoint Thistlereed Waypoint [&BFECAAA=] in Timberline Falls. Tasty Ration
Tasty Devourer Carapace Defeat Devourers. Can be found north of the waypoint Terra Carorunda Waypoint [&BAECAAA=] in Blazeridge Steppes. Tasty Devourer Carapace
Tasty Chak Legs Defeat Chakk. If you have the HoT expansion, then you can hunt Chak in Tangled Depths, otherwise, you can find Chak in Skywatch Archipelago at the Point of interest Chak Hatchery [&BLYNAAA=]. Tasty Chak Legs
Tasty Moss-Covered Bark Defeat Treants. Can be found in Queensdale around the Point of interest Greatheart Weald [&BIoGAAA=]. Tasty Moss-Covered Bark
Tasty Wurm Segment Defeat Wurms. Can be found northwest of the waypoint Spirit Hunter Camp Waypoint [&BJkDAAA=]. Tasty Wurm Segment
Tasty Ooze-Cured Meat Defeat Ooze. Can be found around the waypoint Desider Atum Waypoint [&BEgAAAA=] in Metrica Province. Tasty Ooze-Cured Meat
Forged Ankle Joint Defeat Forged. Can be found in Point of interest The Burning Fortress [&BCwOAAA=] in Skywatch Archipelago. Forged Ankle Joint
Bird Whistle Purchased for Gold Coin 2 gold from Gortho, an NPC located south of the waypoint Gladefall Waypoint [&BO4BAAA=]. Bird Whistle
Plush Quaggan Purchased from Sven Edson in The Wizard’s Tower for Gold Coin 10 gold. Plush Quaggen
Heavy-Duty Dolyak Blanket Purchased for Gold Coin 3 gold from the renown heart vendor near the waypoint Afgar’s Waypoint [&BFMGAAA=]. Heavy-Duty Dolyak Blanket

Once you obtain all the above items, make your way back to Trainer Dyanne to obtain the last item and complete this collection.

Skyscale Saddle Materials

The last step would be to purchase different items to create the Saddle. All items that you need to purchase from the below list will cost Provisioner Tokens. If you are not aware of how to get this currency, you can check out our dedicated guide.

Item waypoint  Waypoint Cost
Stardust-Infused Leather Bastion of the Natural Waypoint [&BDQOAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Pinches of Stardust
Mist-Infused Saddle Oil Bastion of the Obscure Waypoint [&BEcOAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Pinches of Stardust
Jade-Spun Silk Thread Kestrel’s Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Static Charges
Durable Saddle Hardware Bastion of Strength Waypoint [&BNMNAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Essences of Despair
Rich Maguuman Mahogany Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Essences of Despair
Saddlebag of Holding Bastion of Balance Waypoint [&BD0OAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Pinches of Stardust
Deldrimor Rivets Droknar’s Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Static Charges
Garenhoff-Weave Cloth Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Essences of Despair
Elonian Sandpaper Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint [&BA4OAAA=]
  • 2 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Static Charges
Extra-Sticky Tar Bastion of Knowledge Waypoint [&BEIOAAA=]
  • 3 Provisioner Tokens
  • 125 Essences of Despair

Once you are done with all the above points, just make your way back to Trainer Dyanne, speak with her twice, and you will get your Skyscale.

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