Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Complete Guide

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GW2 Secrets of the Obscure

ArenaNet introduced the fourth expansion of Guild Wars 2 on August 22, 2023, titled Secrets of the Obscure. This expansion takes a different approach from what we have seen in previous GW2 expansions.

The era of the Elder Dragons is no more, and we now go up against a different foe called the Kryptis. These enemies are good at taking over their victim’s minds and turning them against themselves. It is your job as the Commander, or “Wayfinder” to put an end to the Kryptis with the help of new allies.

The expansion was released with three playable maps, a new story, new masteries, a new way to earn the Skyscale, a new open-world Legendary Armor, and much more.

Feature Guides

With the release of Secrets of the Obscure, we get to experience so many new features in the game. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing how each one of them works.

Story Achievements and Walkthroughs

If you still haven’t completed the story, I recommend that you don’t click on any of those links unless you are doing it for the achievements.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

  • Into the Obscure
  • The World Spire
  • Treachery

Map Achievements

In this section, you will find how to complete the achievements that fall under the Achievements Tab > Secrets of the Obscure

Skies of Tyria

Skywatch Archipelago

Skywatch Archipelago is the first map you will land in during the Secrets of the Obscure story.

Diving Goggles: Astral Dive

Take the waypoint Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=] and ride the Ley Line to the right. It will take you directly to the Goggles.

Diving Goggles: Free Fall of New Kaineng

Take the waypoint Kestrel’s Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=] and head north to the mountain.

Diving Goggles: Pillar Plunge

Take the waypoint Observation Camp Waypoint [&BEYOAAA=] and head southwest to the waterfall.

Sleep Now in the Fire

Type /sleep in the chat window inside Droknar’s Forge.

Guided by Fate

Type /kneel in the chat window while next to Glint’s Shrine in Droknar’s Light, and wait for 7 seconds.

Let the Memory Live Again

Type /crossarms in the chat window in the Ministry Transit Area, and wait for 7 seconds.

Faith is My Shield

Type /kneel in the chat window in front of Joko’s fallen statue, and wait for 7 seconds. [Praise Joko]

There and…

Use your Skyscale to get from the blue orb at Wizard’s Ascent to the southern gate of The Wizard’s Tower without dismounting. You can touch the floor.

The best way to get there is by taking the Ley Line to the left. However, you will need the Ley-Line Acclimation mastery which costs 5 mastery points.

Moreover, you can watch this video to see how I made it from point A to B.

…Back Again

Make your way back to the same location where you started during the There and… achievement.

Don’t bother with the ley line, just use your Skyscale to fly back directly.

Stargaze Ridge Skyscale Ride

From the north side of Stargaze Ridge, use your Skyscale to get to the western vista in Primal Maguuma without dismounting.

The Wizard’s Vault

The Wizard’s Vault is the second map that you will enter in SOTO, and it only acts as a hub for the expansion. Here you will find a Mystic Forge, all the crafting stations, new adventures, merchants, a bank and trading post, and everything you need to call it a home.


Amnytas is the third map that you will enter in SOTO.

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