Guild Wars 2: The Missing Facet Story Walkthrough

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The Missing Facet Walkthrough

The Missing Facet is the fifth chapter in The Secrets of the Obscure story which will introduce you to the Wizard’s Tower. Once you get there, you will see that your allies are waiting for you to raid the tower and defeat all the Kryptis.

How to complete The Missing Facet quest

After meeting your allies, Lyhr will open the Wizard’s Tower, and you have to start by clearing the Courtyard from all the Kryptis. After that, proceed further into the tower and confront the Facet of Logic.

When the Facet of Logic reaches 10% health, you have to target it and use the special action button to remove all of its break bar. You will then have to speak with the facet and start an event where you have to defend Mabon as he disables the tower’s defenses.

GW2 The Missing Facet Rewards

Once the Mursaat completely removes the tower’s defenses, you will complete the quest, and get the following rewards:

  • The Missing Facet Achievement – Achievement Point 1 AP and Secrets of the Obscure Mastery Points  1 Secrets of the Obscure Mastery Point
  • 1 Stash of Astral Coins – Rewards a lot of SOTO Mastery experience

Now just make your way into the sixth chapter, Tower of Secrets to continue the story.

Fractal Push Achievement

After speaking with Mabon during the first part of this story, don’t proceed to enter the Wizard’s Tower or complete the optional quest.

Complete the Meta event that occurs in Droknar’s Light to complete this achievement.

If you already completed The Missing Facet, you can just replay the first part to talk to Mabon, and you will trigger the achievement.

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