Guild Wars 2: Tower of Secrets Story Walkthrough

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Tower of Secrets

After completing The Missing Facet, you will have to meet your allies one more time and come up with a plan to raid the Wizard’s Tower.

How to complete Tower of Secrets

To get started, head over to the Wizard’s Tower to start the story, then choose to go with either Lyhr or Mabon.

Going with Lyhr will complete the “Assist Lyhr” achievement, and going with Mabon will complete the “Assist Mabon” achievement.

Regardless of what you choose, you have to make your way to the center of the tower while defending your fellow wizards as they cleanse the area from Kryptis.

Once you regroup with your other allies, stand on the platform to complete the Ritual that Mabon and your other allies are performing. Be prepared to fend off some enemies though as they will try to interrupt the process.

After getting inside the chamber, listen to Dagda then go find six Bastion Keys and place them in the correct pillars to complete Tower of Secrets.

Where are all the Bastion Keys located?

All the keys are located outside the central chamber, and you have to collect every one of the six keys and place them in their corresponding pillars.

Here is a list of all the Bastion Keys and where you can find them.

Bastion of Balance

This is the first key that you will get, simply take the portal, and go down the first set of stairs. The Bastion of Balance will be on a wall behind the stairs.

Place this key on the last Pillar to the right, then proceed with the next one.

Bastion of Strength

Head over to the pointed location and interact with the Mysterious Energy. To get the key, you have to survive for 60 seconds while you constantly lose health.

Use ability 1 every 5 ticks to keep yourself healthy, and after the time is up, you will get the Bastion of Strength. Take it back to the pillar that is right next to the Pillar of Balance.

Bastion of the Obscure

To get this key, simply answer this question.

Question: When you have me, you want to share me, but when you share me, you no longer have me, What am I?

Answer: A Secret

Take the key, then head back to the central chamber and place it in the second pillar to the left.

Bastion of Knowledge

For this key, you have to find a book called “Everyone Loves Wizards” and place it in its slot again. To get this book, from the Mysterious Energy, jump back down and go near the stars on the left. The book can be found under the rubble behind the staircase.

Take the Bastion of Knowledge and place it Mysterious Energy in the first Pillar to the right.

Bastion of the Celestial

Bastion of the Celestial puzzle

For this key, you have to match the circles on the board to the constellation on the globe. It should look like the image on top. To get started interact with the globe and select the options to move the circles around.

After you get it right, take the key and head back to the central chamber to place it in the last pillar to the left.

Bastion of the Natural

To get to the Bastion of the Natural Key, head over the the location pointed out in the above image to find a water bucket that you will use to put off the fire on the Bastion of the Natural.

Take the bucket then head over to the second location pinned on the below image to turn off the fire and take the key. Head back to the last Pillar, place it there and you’re done with all six keys.

The last step would be to interact with the Astral Translocator to complete the story chapter.

GW2 Tower of Secrets Rewards

By completing chapter six of SOTO, you will get the following rewards:

  • Assist Lyhr – Achievement Point 1 AP
  • Assist Mabon – Achievement Point 1 AP
  • 1 Stash of Astral Coins – Rewards a lot of SOTO Mastery experience
  • Tower of Secrets Achievement – Achievement Point 1 AP and Secrets of the Obscure Mastery Points  1 Secrets of the Obscure Mastery Point
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