Guild Wars 2: Commander Without a Cause Story Walkthrough

Find out how you can complete GW2 Commander Without a Cause in this guide.
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gw2 Commander Without a Cause

Commander Without a Cause is the first story step that you will do when you start your journey in Secrets of the Obscure. In this guide, we will explore this chapter by going over how you can complete it, and gather the information needed to unveil who is behind the disappearance of the floating castle facing Garenhoff.

Getting to the point

After speaking with the stranger, make your way to Wizard’s Fief which is located southeast of Kessex Hills. To get there, take the waypoint Darkwound Waypoint [&BBEAAAA=] and go south.

Once you reach Garenhoff, start speaking with all the strangers that are highlighted on the map with a green star. When you have gathered enough information, it is time to look for the house where the sketchy individuals were last seen.

The house is located on the right side of Garenhoff. Go inside then head to the second floor and interact with the documents on the table just next to the stairs.

speak with the strangers

You now have a lead. Make your way to the highlighted waypoint in Gendarran Fields, and then go west to find the strangers. Speak with them, and they will take you toward a lighthouse. Then talk to Ivan using the upgraded comms device and go up the lighthouse to begin the next step in the story.

It is now nighttime, and you will come across the Kryptis for the first time, defeat them, and then head over to the camp to look for more information.

Investigate the Camp

When you get to the camp, you have to look for 7 clues before you can proceed with the story. Here is a list of clues that can be found around the camp.

Clue Directions Location
#1 A paper that can be found on the table near the tent in the middle of the camp. Investigate the Camp clue #1
#2 On a box near some barrels on the western side of the camp. Investigate the Camp clue #2
#3 Obtained by speaking with the Astral Wizard Mage on top of the hill. Investigate the Camp clue #3
#4 Obtained by speaking with the Astral Wizard Protector on the southern side of the camp. Investigate the Camp clue #4
#5 Use the Dense bushes just behind the camp on the southeastern side of the camp. Investigate the Camp clue #5
#6 Eavesdrop on the Rift Hunters by using the Dense Bushes at the end of the cliff. Investigate the Camp clue #6
#7 Blend in with the hunters near the carts on the southern side of the camp. Investigate the Camp clue #7

After gathering all the information, follow the Rift Hunters and Astral Wizards and be prepared to confront a Champion Winged…Demon? (It is a Kryptis). Finally, take the portal, and you will find yourself in a place where all Hell Breaks Loose.

Achievement: Beta Tester

When you first get the upgraded comms device, use it to speak with all your friends during the first step of the story, and earn Achievement Point 1 Achievement point.

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