Guild Wars 2: Generation One Legendary Weapons Guide

Do you need a cheap Legendary Weapon? Then you might want to look at how you can get Generation One Legendaries.
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Generation one legendary weapons

Are you short on gold and still want to get a Legendary? Well, you might want to focus your attention on Generation One Legendary Weapons as some of them can be cheap, but they do take a huge time investment.

Before we begin, a pro tip would be to take things slow, as getting those items is not cheap, and they will take a good chunk of time and gold investment.

What are Generation One Legendary Weapons

These weapons are the first set of Legendaries that were added to the game. There is one of them for each weapon that exists in the game, with the exception of the great sword, where you have three weapons, Twilight, Sunrise, and Eternity.

Just like any item with the Legendary grade, those weapons can change stats at any given time without paying a single copper. Moreover, you can copy legendary weapons across your characters, so basically, they can be used on as many characters at the same time, given that they can use the weapon.

Changing the skin on these weapons will not cost any transmutation charges, and you won’t need any Upgrade Extractors to remove Sigils and Runes.

How to get Generation One Legendary Weapons

There are two ways you can get the first generation of Legendaries in Guild Wars 2.

  • Buying them off the Trading Post.
  • Crafting them yourself.

If you finally manage to obtain a Gen 1 legendary, equipping it will make it bound to your account and add it to the Armory. This means that you will no longer have the ability to place it in the Trading Post.

Anyways, to get a Generation One Legendary Weapon through crafting, you have to obtain the following Gifts and materials, and then place them in the Mystic Forge.

  • Gift of Mastery
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Weapon Precursor
  • Weapon-specific Gift

Step 1: Getting the Gift of Mastery

To get the Gift of Mastery, you have to obtain and combine the following four items in the Mystic Forge.

  • Bloodstone Shard Bloodstone Shard
  • Obsidian Shard 250 Obsidian Shards
  • Gift of Exploration
  • Gift of Battle

Bloodstone Shard

Bloodstone Shards

Bloodstone Shards can be purchased for Spirit Shards 200 Spirit Shards from Miyana, a vendor located near the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch.

Obsidian Shards

  • Purchased for or converted from various currencies
  • Acquired from PvP Reward Tracks and WvW Reward Tracks

Check the wiki for more information on how to get Obsidian Shards.

Gift of Exploration

Core Tyria Map exploration
Core Tyria Maps required for 100% completion

The Gift of Exploration can be obtained by exploring all the maps in Core Tyria. This is probably the most time-consuming task that you have to do while farming for those weapons, but this process can be accelerated by using Mounts.

This process involves going around all the maps in the five regions of Core Tyria, Ascalon, Kryta, Maguuma Jungle, Shiverpeak Mountains, and Ruins of Orr. You have to find all the Points of Interest, Waypoints, and Vistas, and complete all the Renown Hearts and Hero Points to obtain 100% map completion.

Any map within Core Tyria that is accessible only through an expansion or the Living World, does not contribute to map completion. An example of that would be Lake Doric.

This process can be done once per character but can be done on an infinite number of characters, and each 100% map completion will reward you with 2 Gifts of Exploration.

Gift of Battle

Gift of Battle - Gen 1 legendary weapon

A Gift of Battle can be obtained from the Gift of Battle Item Reward Track in WvW. Completing this reward track can also be time-consuming, especially if you are not fond of this game mode. To fastest way to complete the world track is by making sure that you are always at Tier 6 participation so you can get the most experience every 5 minutes.

You can also make use of Potion of WvW Rewards that can be obtained from completing WvW dailies and give a considerable amount of Reward Track experience.

Step 2: Getting the Gift of Fortune

The Gift of Fortune is probably the most expensive item to get for Gen 1 Legendaries depending on which weapon you are crafting (Precursors can be more expensive). However, to get it, you need to place all those four items in the Mystic Forge:

  • Glob of Ectoplasm 250 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • Mystic Clover  77 Mystic Clovers
  • Gift of Magic
  • Gift of Might

Globs of Ectoplasm

The best way to get Globs of Ectoplasm is by salvaging Rare and Exotic Gear. Alternatively, you can buy them off the Trading Post.

Mystic Clovers

There are multiple ways in which you can obtain Mystic Clovers, some of those ways include using the Mystic Forge, buying them from the Fractals of the Mists, or even buying them for Astral Acclaim from the Wizard’s Vault. To find out every single way that you can obtain them, check out our dedicated guide linked below.

Gift of Might

Combine the following material in the Mystic Forge:

  • 250 Vicious Fangs
  • 250  Armored Scales
  • 250  Vicious Claws
  • 250  Ancient Bones

Gift of Magic

Combine the following material in the Mystic Forge:

  • 250 Vials of Powerful Blood
  • 250  Powerful Venom Sacs
  • 250  Elaborate Totems
  • 250  Piles of Crystalline Dust

Unlike the Gift of Condensed Magic and Gift of Condensed Might, you don’t need recipes for the Gift of Magic and Gift of Might.

Step 3: Getting the Precursor

There are four ways in which you can obtain Gen 1 precursors, and they are as follows:

Buying it from the Trading Post

Since Generation One Precursors are not bound to account (Unless obtained from Astral Rewards), unlike the Generation Two counterpart, they can be sold at the Trading Post.

You would be surprised as to how cheap a Gen 1 Precursors can be, so the best option would be to actually buy them because the other methods are just not feasible.

Crafting it in the Mystic Forge

You can get a Precursor of your choice from the Mystic Forge if you want to gamble your way to getting it. The way it works is by combining four Exotic or Rare weapons of the same type to get a low chance of obtaining the precursor of this type. Keep note that Exotics have a higher chance of giving you a precursor than Rares do.

Getting Lucky with a drop

You can get a Generation One Legendary precursor as a drop with an extremely low drop rate. I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since beta, and I have only seen one precursor drop, and it was Carcharias, which at the time was worth 50 gold. Talk about luck.

Anyway, I don’t recommend using this method to farm the precursor of choice.

Collecting it through Achievements

This was not an option in the game previously, but after the first expansion Heart of Thorns, ArenaNet added a way to get Precursors by Achievements and crafting. For the first generation of legendaries, you have three Achievement collections that you have to complete before you can actually obtain the Gen 1 precursor.

Simply open your Achievements tab, and navigate to Collections > Legendary Weapons. From there you will see all the precursors that you can obtain through achievements, but they will all be locked. To unlock a specific collection, you have to first unlock the necessary masteries found in Mastery Menu > Central Tyria > Legendary Crafting. Once you have the masteries unlocked, head over to Lion’s Arch speak to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs, and buy Vol. 1 of any precursor that you are trying to farm.

After completing Vol. 1, come back to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs and purchase the second volume, and so on. Generation One Precursors have three volumes, but other generations have more.

Step 4: Getting the Weapon Gift

Every Generation One Legendary Weapon will have its own unique Gift that needs to be crafted. However, all of them share some common material, so we will cover the same material and what items you might need in general for every Legendary.

To craft the Weapon-unique Gift, you will need to place the following items in the Mystic Forge.

  • 100 Icy Runestones
  • A Superior Sigil (Unique to each weapon)
  • Crafting Material Gift (Unique to each weapon)
  • Themed Gift (Unique to each weapon)

Note: I will add a list of all the Gen 1 legendaries and what unique gifts and materials they need at the end of this step.

Icy Runestones

You can get Icy Runestones by visiting Rojan the Penitent in Frostgorge Sound. Each Icy Runestone costs 1 gold and you need 100 of them, so they will cost you a total of 100 gold.

Note that Rojan the Penitent won’t be available during the Jormag meta event, and if the event fails, he will not sell any items.

Superior Sigil

Every weapon needs a special Sigil to craft the Weapon Gift, and they can all be purchased from the Trading Post.

Crafting Material Gift

The Crafting Material Gift could be any of the following:

Gift Crafting Proficiency Cost for crafting
Gift of Metal Level 400 Weaponsmith
  • 250 Platinum Ingots
  • 250 Darksteel Ingots
  • 250 Mithril Ingots
  • 250 Orichalcum Ingots
Gift of Wood Level 400 Huntsman
  • 250 Seasoned Wood Planks
  • 250 Hard Wood Planks
  • 250 Elder Wood Planks
  • 250 Ancient Wood Planks
Gift of Energy Level 400 Artificer
  • 250 Piles of Radiant Dust
  • 250 Piles of Luminous Dust
  • 250 Piles of Incandescent Dust
  • 250 Piles of Crystalline Dust

weapon gifts

For those, you have to buy the recipes once to permanently unlock them on your whole account. Each recipe costs 10 gold and they can be purchased from Miyani who is located in Lion’s Arch next to the Mystic Forge.

Themed Gift

Themed gifts are unique to every Gen 1 Legendary Weapon, however, the common thing between them is that they need level 400 ranking from various crafting professions, a recipe that costs 10 gold and can be purchased from Miyani, and a Dungeon Gift that can be purchased for 500 Tales of Dungeon Delving.

Legendary Weapon Sigil Precursor Crafting Themed Gift
Frostfang (Axe) Superior Sigil of Ice Tooth of Frostfang weaponsmith jeweler Gift of Ice
Incinerator (Dagger) Superior Sigil of Flame Spark weaponsmith chef Vial of Liquid Flame
The Moot (Mace) Superior Sigil of Energy The Energizer weaponsmith armorsmith Gift of Entertainment
Quip (Pistol) Superior Sigil of Stamina Chaos Gun huntsman armorsmith Gift of Entertainment
Meteorlogicus (Scepter) Superior Sigil of Air Storm artificer armorsmith Gift of Weather
Bolt (Sword) Superior Sigil of Air Zap artificer weaponsmith Gift of Lightning
The Minstrel (Focus) Superior Sigil of Energy The Bard artificer jeweler Gift of Music
The Flameseeker Prophecies (Shield) Superior Sigil of Battle The Chosen weaponsmith tailor Gift of History
Rodgort (Torch) Superior Sigil of Fire Rodgort’s Flame huntsman chef Vial of Liquid Flame
Howler (Warhorn) Superior Sigil of Accuracy Howl huntsman leatherworker Wolf Statue
Sunrise (Greatsword) Superior Sigil of Strength Dawn weaponsmith armorsmith Gift of Light
Twilight (Greatsword) Superior Sigil of Blood Dusk weaponsmith armorsmith Gift of Darkness
Eternity (Greatsword) Sunrise
The Juggernaut (Hammer) Superior Sigil of Benevolence The Colossus weaponsmith jeweler Vial of Quicksilver
Kudzu (Longbow) Superior Sigil of Celerity Leaf of Kudzu huntsman leatherworker Gift of Nature
The Predator (Rifle) Superior Sigil of Force The Hunter huntsman leatherworker Gift of Stealth
The Dreamer (Short bow) Superior Sigil of Purity The Lover huntsman jeweler Unicorn Statue
The Bifrost (Staff) Superior Sigil of Nullification The Legend artificer chef Gift of Color
Frenzy (Harpoon Gun) Superior Sigil of Rage Rage huntsman chef Gift of Water
Kamohoali’i Kotaki (Spear) Superior Sigil of Agony Carcharias weaponsmith jeweler Shark Statue
Kraitkin (Trident) Superior Sigil of Venom Venom artificer tailor Eel Statue

Step 5: Forging the Generation One Legendary Weapon

Now it’s only a matter of putting everything together. Once you have the Gift of Mastery, Gift of Fortune, Weapon Precursor, and the Weapon-specific Gift, head over to the Mystic Forge, and place them all inside. Press on the Forge button and you are now Legendary!

Generation One Legendaries Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gen 1 legendaries in Guild Wars 2?

Yes, as long as you did not equip them, then you can sell them in the Trading Post.

How many Generation One Legendaries is there?

There is a total of 21 Gen 1 legendary weapons.
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