Guild Wars 2 Event Timer

GW2 event timer for all the bosses all over Tyria, Cantha, and the Crystal Desert.

Notification Settings

Evolved Jungle Wurm
dragonite 40 Dragonite Ore rare 2 Rare or Exotic Items chest 2 Bonus Chests
waypoint Nearest Waypoint
Next Up
Frozen Maw
dragonite 3 - 5 Dragonite Ore rare 1 Rare or Exotic Item
waypoint Nearest Waypoint
Saved Events
Double click an event to track it.

What is a Guild Wars 2 Event Timer

A GW2 event timer is used to track events happening all over the regions of the game. Those events primarily involve World Bosses that show up during certain periods of the day.

You will need a world boss timer because there are a lot of bosses to keep track of in the game. For this reason, we have developed this tool to help make your life in the game much easier.

If you have any input to improve this timer, please send us a message at [email protected].