Guild Wars 2: Weaponmaster Training – Unlock Your Class’s True Potential

Do you want to be a Hammer-carrying Weaver, or what about a Torch-carrying Reaper? With the new Weaponmaster Training system in Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, you can do just that. Here is how you can get started.
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Weaponmaster Training Achievement

Weaponmaster Training allows you to equip a weapon from any Elite Specialization of your class without locking yourself to the Elite Specialization trait line. It is one of the new features that were introduced with the Secrets of the Obscure along with the Wizard’s Vault and a bunch of other things.

This means that you can be a Holosmith that carries a Hammer, or a Tempest that carries a Sword. The possibilities are endless. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading to find out how you can unlock this option.

How to get Weaponmaster Training

To get this Achievement, you have to own The Secrets of the Obscure expansion, then make your way to the first map in Horns of Maguuma by following the story. Once you are in Skywatch Archipelago, do the following steps:

  • Get to chapter 3, Mother of Stars
  • Head south from Wizard’s Ascent toward the big building
  • Enter the Beacon Command Center from the second floor.
  • Speak with Frode for some time

This will complete the Weaponmaster Training achievement, and you can now enjoy all the weapons that your class can carry.

Note that unlocking this Achievement doesn’t mean you can use the Elite trait lines of the Specializations. You will still need to own the expansion that this Specialization belongs to before you can unlock it’s traits.

Moreover, completing this achievement will unlock this option to your entire account.

What are my possibilities?

With so many choices to choose from now, here is a list of weapons that every class will be able to carry after completing the Weaponmaster Training achievement.

Class Weapons
Guardian Icon  Guardian
  • Axe (Main hand)
  • Sword (Off hand)
  • Longbow
Revenant Icon  Revenant
  • Shield (Off hand)
  • Greatsword
  • Shortbow
Warrior Icon Warrior
  • Dagger (Main and Off hand)
  • Pistol (Off hand)
  • Torch (Off hand)
Engineer Icon  Engineer
  • Mace (Main hand)
  • Sword (Main hand)
  • Hammer
Ranger Icon  Ranger
  • Dagger (Main hand)
  • Hammer
  • Staff
Thief Icon  Thief
  • Scepter (Main hand)
  • Rifle
  • Staff
Elementalist Icon  Elementalist
  • Sword (Main hand)
  • Warhorn (Off hand)
  • Hammer
Mesmer Icon  Mesmer
  • Axe (Main hand)
  • Dagger (Main hand)
  • Shield (Off hand)
Necromancer ICon  Necromancer
  • Pistol (Main hand)
  • Torch (Off hand)
  • Greatsword

The Mesmer, Thief, Elementalist, Ranger, and Warrior will also gain some additional stats to accommodate this change, so go ahead and try it for yourself, and I give my regards to all the theory crafters out there.

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