Guild Wars 2: How to Craft a Thaw Elixir

Stay warm in Bitterfrost Frontier, use a GW2 Thaw Elixir. Here is how you can make one.
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Bitter cold resistance elixir


  • You can craft a Thaw Elixir in Bitterfrost Frontier.
  • Getting it allows you to enter The Bitter Cold area.
  • The effect lasts a maximum of 24 hours, and the timer on the Elixir resets during the daily reset.

The Bitter Cold Resistance Elixir, or Thaw Elixir in short is an item that you will need to be able to survive the extremely harsh cold weather in The Bitter Cold area that is located northeast of Bitterfrost Frontier.

You need this Elixir to complete the sixth part of A Crack in the Ice Living World story. You will also definitely be crafting the elixir later down the line to complete the collection Return to A Crack in the Ice and unlock the Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold.

How to craft a Bitter Cold Resistance Elixir

thaw elixir material

To craft a Bitter Cold Resistance Elixir in Guild Wars 2, you must first complete the Elixir Cookin’ step from Living World Season 3 Episode 3, A Crack in the Ice.  After that, collect the items I’ve listed below and make your way southeast of the map to the Blister Cauldron point of interest [&BHwJAAA=].

  • Fresh Winterberry 12 Fresh Winterberry
  • Clump of Frostbitten Suet 8 Clump of Frostbitten Suet
  • Cold Resistant Eggshell 4 Cold Resistant Eggshell
  • Grawl Firestone Grawl Firestone

Important Note: Make sure that there are no enemies around you because if you get hit while brewing the Bitter Cold Resistance Elixir, all the items will be consumed and the process will get interrupted.

Fresh Winterberry

Winterberry nodes

Here are the three most efficient ways to get Fresh Winterberries:

  • Harvesting them between Griffon Old Growth and Blizzard Basin areas in Bitterfrost Frontier.
  • Complete the dailies in the area to obtain a Chest of the Bitterfrost Frontier Hero that guarantees 2 Winterberries.
  • Obtain Winterberry Strongbox by completing the “Return to a Crack in the Ice” collection, or the Bitterfrost Frontier PvP or WvW Reward Tracks.

I would personally go with just harvesting them, as you can do that daily and on multiple characters.

Clump of Frostbitten Suet

Dropped by enemies all over Bitterfrost Frontier given that any one of your characters completed the Elixir Recipe step in Living World Season 3 Episode 3.

Cold Resistant Eggshell

Place Abandoned Griffon Eggs in the Incubator next to the Renown Heart located in Griffon Old Growth. You won’t always get an eggshell, I would say it is every one out of two Abandoned Griffon Eggs.

Grawl Firestone

The Grawl Firestone is purchased from the Renown Heart vendor Sun Warming which is located in Brakbrak Ice Snarl for Karma 1,050 Karma. Note that you have to complete the heart before you are able to purchase the Grawl Firestone.

Once you have all the items in your inventory, go to the Blister Cauldron and interact with the hot spring to craft your Bitter Cold Resistance Elixir. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the Thaw Elixir for a maximum of 24 hours up until the daily reset, and can enter The Bitter Cold area without worrying about getting the Bitter Cold effect.

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