Guild Wars 2: How to Get the Skimmer Mount

Do you want to move faster on water? Then you should consider getting a Skimmer.
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How to get the Skimmer in GW2


  • The Skimmer can only be obtained from Path of Fire.
  • You can complete a collection to give it the ability to swim underwater.
  • This mount goes faster when roaming on water.

The Skimmer is a Path of Fire mount that gets increased movement speed when hovering over, or underwater. Say goodbye to the slow swimming. This mount is a Manta Ray species that has so many skins and can swim and elevate itself to reach places that were previously unreachable.

This mount is a healer-type as it provides healing and boons to nearby allies when using the Barrel Roll ability.

Getting the Skimmer in Guild Wars 2

To unlock the Skimmer, you have to head over to Elon Riverlands and find the Skimmer Ranch Area, then complete the Renown Heart there, and purchase the mount from Trainer Ardra for Trade Contracts 50 Trade Contracts and 4 Gold.

The “Use a skimmer to help with training around the ranch” Renown Heart will not appear if you don’t have the Canyon Jumping mastery unlocked for your Raptor.

To complete the Renown Heart, you have to do any of the following activities:

  • Kill Forged enemies.
  • Use a Skimmer Barrel Roll on injured villagers.
  • Pick up rations and deliver them to hungry villagers.
  • Bring back lost Skimmers to their pens.

The best way to get to the Ranch Area is by taking the waypoint Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint [&BCgKAAA=] and heading west.


The Skimmer has the most abilities among all the mounts in Guild War 2, however, the Dive ability is hidden behind a mastery that can only be obtained by completing a collection. We will go over that further down in the guide.

Ability Description
Barrel Roll Barrel rolls forward to get dismounted while also damaging enemies and healing allies.
Dive Press and hold the hotkey to dive deeper into the water.
Hover High Hold the hotkey to increase the hover altitude.

How to swim with the Skimmer

Have you asked yourself, can this mount swim underwater? Yes, it can!

On August 25, 2020, ArenaNet introduced the Skimming the Depths mastery that allows this mount to swim underwater. However, to be able to do that, players have to complete the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story and finish the Finding Sibaha collection.


Skimmer masteries

It costs a total of 22 PoF Mastery points to get all the Skimmer’s masteries, here is a list.

Mastery Mastery Points Description
Nimble Recovery 2 Path of Fire Mastery Grants you Protection and Swiftness when getting knocked off the Skimmer or by using Barrel Roll.
Rejuvenating Revival 3 Path of Fire Mastery Barrel Roll heals downed allies as well.
Ride the Wind 4 Path of Fire Mastery The hovering ability now elevates you higher.
Nimble Benevolence 5 Path of Fire Mastery Nimble Recovery is now shared across all mounts.
Skimming the Depths 5 Path of Fire Mastery The mount can now dive underwater.

That’s a wrap. Come back to this guide in the future to check if there is a new method to obtaining this mount as we will constantly be updating it whenever new changes show up.

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