Guild Wars 2: How to Complete the Finding Sibaha Collection

Completing the GW2 Finding Sibaha collection unlocks the Skimmer's Skimming the Depths mastery, and the ability to swim underwater with this mount.
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How to Complete the Finding Sibaha Collection

Finding Sibaha is a collection under the Crystal Desert achievements tab. Completing it allows you to swim underwater with the Skimmer and rewards you with 11 Achievement Points.

How to unlock Finding Sibaha

To unlock the Finding Sibaha collection, you must visit any major city or Eye of the North on any character that completed the Path of Fire story. Once you’re there, Trainer Ardra will send you a mail asking you to meet her at the Skimmer Ranch in Elon Riverlands.

Read the mail to unlock the collection and begin the journey to swimming underwater with your mount.

How to complete Finding Sibaha

To complete the whole collection, you have to finish 15 tasks that will take you all over Tyria and the Crystal Desert.

1. Meet Trainer Ardra at the Skimmer Ranch

Go to waypoint Skimmer Ranch Waypoint – [&BGcKAAA=] in Elon Riverlands and speak with Trainer Ardra (She is the Renown Heart NPC)

2. Search around Amnoon Harbor

Go to Amnoon Harbor in Crystal Oasis by taking the waypoint Amnoon Waypoint – [&BLsKAAA=] and head toward the docks. You will have to talk to Dockmaster Jonnick to proceed to the next step.

3. Find the mysterious charr in Desert Highlands

While still in the Crystal Oasis, take the waypoint Brightwater Waypoint – [&BJEKAAA=] and head southwest. Find and talk to Kall who is standing right next to a tent.

4. Find the water Djinn

For this step, you have two options, and you can do either one of them to proceed further.

  • Talk to the assistant of Zommoros, Miyani, who is located next to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch.
  • Talk directly to Zommoros who is located at the beginning of the Mythwright Gambit raid. (Wing 6)

5. Ask Moshpoipoi quaggan about Sibaha


Take the waypoint Watchful Waypoint – [&BH0CAAA=] in Frostgorge Sound and take a dip in the freezing water and find and talk to Caretaker Laamaa.

6. Defend Moshpoipoi from the icebrood

Defend Moshpoipoi from the icebrood

Just hang out next to the waypoint Watchful Waypoint – [&BH0CAAA=] and wait for any of those two events to spawn:

Complete either one of them to proceed to the next step.

7. Check with Caretaker Laamaa

Go back to the quaggan home in Moshpoipoi and talk to Caretaker Laamaa.

8. Find the helpful largos in Whisper Bay

Go to Malchor’s Leap, and swim a bit down southwest of the waypoint Murmur Waypoint – [&BK8CAAA=] and find and talk to Aaminah.

If you can’t talk to Aaminah, then she is probably imprisoned and you have to complete the first part of “Help the Kahloipoi guards rescue Aaminah” event to get her outside the cage.

Note that after completing the event, you have to wait around 5 to 10 minutes before she is released from her cage. Speak with her, then proceed with the next steps.

9. Help Aaminah deal with the Risen

Complete the “Drive the Risen krait out of Kahloipoi” event that spawns right next to where you spoke to Aaminah.

10. Get information from Aaminah

Get information from Aaminah

After completing the event, Head back to Aaminah and speak with her to progress with the collection.

11. Search for Sibaha in Mount Maelstrom

Now go to Mount Maelstrom and take the waypoint Oxbow Isle Waypoint – [&BNECAAA=]. From there make your way to the top of the tower in The Mire Sea and you will find Sibaha locked in a cage.

12. Obtain a cage key

Head south of where you found Sibaha’s cage and get on top of the wooden platform next to the Vista. There will be an event where a Champion Krait Hypnosis spawns and is guaranteed to drop a cage key. However, if you are not lucky with the event spawn, you can always try getting the key from the krait that is lying around the area.

13. Free Sibaha

Once you have the cage key, head back to Sibaha’s Cage and free her.

14. Meet Sibaha in Lion’s Arch

Make your way to Lion’s Arch by using the waypoint Guild Bluff Waypoint – [&BA0EAAA=], and speak to Sibaha south of the waypoint.

15. Sibaha´s Advanced Skimmer Course

The last step would be to earn a Silver placement or higher in Sibaha´s Advanced Skimmer Course.

Once you’re done with all the steps of Finding Sibaha, the collection will be complete, and now you can find Skimming the Depths unlocked in your mastery tab. You will just have to get 2,000,000 PoF mastery experience and 8 PoF Mastery Points to activate the mastery and have the ability to swim underwater with your Skimmer.

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