Guild Wars 2: How to Get the Siege Turtle Mount

Don't walk through the backdoor, but barge in from the front door with force using the Siege Turtle Mount. Here's how to get it.
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How to get the Siege Turtle in gw2


  • This mount can only be obtained from End of Dragons.
  • The one and only multiplayer mount in the game.
  • Uses cannons to destroy gates and barriers.

Do you want to own your own Siege Turtle? Well, you have come to the right place because, in this guide, we will be going over how to get the Turtle Mount, and everything else you need to know about it.


The Siege Turtle

The Siege Turtle was introduced in the End of Dragons expansion and is a combat mount. It is the only mount that accommodates two players at the same time where the main seat would be the driver, and the passenger seat would be the gunner.

This Turtle Mount is extremely useful for meta events in some maps as it can be used to destroy walls and gates, however, if you don’t have one, then you can simply borrow it from one of the NPCs in the map.

The Siege Turtle can also swim underwater just like the upgraded Skimmer, however, this mount does it naturally and players don’t have to complete a collection to make the turtle swim underwater.

Getting the Siege Turtle in Guild Wars 2

Getting the Siege Turtle is fairly easy relative to other mounts like the Skyscale or the Griffon. In simple terms, to get it, you have to get a Turtle Egg, then complete three collections. Once you complete all the collections, you will end up with 20 Achievement points and a fully grown Siege Turtle.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get the Turtle Egg and complete the Stomping Around collection for the Siege Turtle.

Get the Turtle Egg

To get the Turtle Egg you can do one of two things:

  • Successfully complete the Dragon’s End meta event.
  • Purchase it from Peddler who is located in Dragon’s End in any of those locations the Xunlai Jade Quarry, Southern Bluff, or The Jade Whirl for Writ of Dragon's End 200 Writs of Dragon’s End.

Keep note that the Turtle Egg is not an item that will be placed in your inventory, but it only unlocks the Stomping Around achievement. This achievement involves three other collections that will have you go all over Cantha purchasing items and completing events to get all the necessary items to fully grow a Siege Turtle.

Talk to Rota in Arborstone

After getting the egg, head over to Rota in Arborstone who is located on the northern outskirts of the area, and speak to her. This will unlock the first sub-collection called Turtle Unlock: Starting Small.

Turtle Unlock: Starting Small

Starting Small

Go to Fidget which is located next to Rota in Arborstone with the following items in your inventory:

  • kale leaf 250 Kale
  • carrots 150 Carrots
  • head of lettuce 250 Head of Lettuce
  • strawberry 250 Strawberry

You can either harvest those items yourself or buy them off the trading post which will cost you roughly 12 to 15 gold.

Purchase all the items that Fidget is offering and you then talk to Rota. This will complete the Starting Small achievement that rewards you with 5 achievement points and unlocks the Getting Stronger achievement.

Turtle Unlock: Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger

This collection is the second step toward unlocking your Turtle Mount. To get started, go back to Fidget with the following items in your inventory:

  • Fine Fish Fillet 100 Fine Fish Fillet
  • Fabulous Fish Fillet 50 Fabulous Fish Fillet
  • Flavorful Fish Fillet 10 Flavorful Fish Fillet
  • Fantastic Fish Fillet 5 Fantastic Fish Fillet

You can either fish those items yourself or buy them off the trading post which will cost you roughly 1 gold. My recommendation would be to buy them as they are cheap, and it will save you a lot of time.

If you prefer to fish the items yourself, then make sure you have the Fishing Mastery, then head over to any fishing spot and start fishing. Once you have enough fish, you can go to any fishmonger like Taro Everclaw in Arborstone and trade in those fish for the different types of fillet. You will need around 30 fish to get all the above-mentioned fillets.

Purchase all the items that Fidget is offering and then talk to Rota. This will complete the Getting Stronger achievement that rewards you with 5 achievement points and unlocks the Suiting Up achievement.

Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up

This is the most time-consuming achievement among all three, and it will take you all over Cantha to purchase items from Renown Heart vendors and complete certain events on different maps. However, this is the last collection you have to finish before you can unlock your Siege Turtle.

Luxon Tools

Defeat the Jade Maw in Dragon’s End. This event spawns at Miner’s Folly point of interest at xx:05 and xx:45 only if the map’s meta event is not running.

Turret Plans

Take the waypoint Garden Heights Waypoint – [&BBYNAAA=] northwest of New Kaineng City and buy the Turrent Plans from the Renown Heart vendor Elora for 16 Gold and 7,000 Karma.

Turret Power Unit

Defeat Renyak who is the final boss in the Meta Event of Seitung Province. This event spawns every two hours, and you can track it using our world boss timer by looking for Aetherblade Assault.

Alleola Oil

Complete any of the two events that spawn at the Forever Tree point of interest south of Echovald Wilds.

The best way to get here is by taking the waypoint Kropa Waypoint – [&BMwMAAA=] and heading southeast.

Deluxe Leather Seating

Deluxe Leather Seating

Defeat Leviathan in either Seitung Province or New Kaineng City. The best way to do that is by opening the Community tab and finding people that are doing Levi Farm. You will find one squad almost every time.

Thruster Plans

Take the waypoint Junkyard Waypoint – [&BIsMAAA=] northwest of Echovald Wilds and buy the Thruster Plans from the Renown Heart vendor Kestrel Michiko for 16 Gold and 7,000 Karma.

Thruster Control Unit

Either complete the Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook or purchase it from a Requisitions Specialist in Gyala Delve for Imperial Favor 500 Imperial favor and Research Notes 1,000 Research Notes. Requisitions Specialists can be found in the following areas in Gyala Delve:

  • Excavation Yard (Always Present)
  • The Hollow (Only shows up after completing an event)
  • Howling Caves (Only shows up after completing an event)
  • Jade Pools (Only shows up after completing an event)

Saddle Color Selection

Trade in 25 Unidentified Dyes at Fidget, the vendor next to Rota in Arborstone.

Finally, talk to Rota one last time

Once you have completed all the collections, the final step of Stomping Around would be to talk to Rota one final time, and then you will see this notification popup on your screen.

Siege Turtle Unlocked

GW2 Siege Turtle Abilities

The Siege turtle has different abilities for the driver and the gunner.

Driver Abilities

The Driver’s abilities are focused more on maneuverability rather than offense.

Ability Description
Open Access Allow anyone to sit in the passenger seat.
Restrict Access Restrict the passenger seat to squad and party members only.
Slam Leap forward and slam the ground knocking back foes.
Activate Jump Jets Hold the hotkey to make the Turtle fly with its jets. This ability causes burning to all enemies that pass through it.

Gunner Abilities

The Gunner’s abilities are more on the offensive side of the Turtle.

Ability Description
Turtle Siege Fire a barrage of jade bombs damaging and burning foes.
Hunker Down Converts incoming damage to ammo, and incoming conditions to boons.
Overdrive The Turtle becomes much faster and gets increased handling.

Siege Turtle Masteries

The Siege Turtle has a total of five masteries, and getting all of them requires a total of 20 End of Dragons Mastery Points.

Mastery Mastery Points Description
Turtle Health Boost 2 End of Dragons Mastery points Increases Turtle’s health by 50%
Slam Mastery 3 End of Dragons Mastery points Turtle now generates ammo after using Slam
Improved Jump Jets 4 End of Dragons Mastery points The Turtle can now jump farther and higher
Power Shell 5 End of Dragons Mastery points Converts incoming damage to ammo
Sharing Is Caring 6 End of Dragons Mastery points Shares the Turtle Health Boost mastery with all other mounts. (Warclaw in WvW does not get this boost though)

That’s a wrap on how you can get the Siege Turtle. We will be updating this guide in case ArenaNet decides to add any new methods to obtain this mount.

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