Guild Wars 2: Jackal Mount Guide

Explore secrets in the Crystal Desert by using the Jackal to jump sand portals.
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How to get the Jackal in GW2


  • The Jackal can only be obtained from Path of Fire.
  • It can enter sand portals located all over the Crystal Desert.

The Jackal is a mount that was introduced with the Path of Fire expansion in Guild Wars 2. It is a dog-type mount that utilizes sand to its own advantage.

This mount has three charges on its endurance bar, and this allows it to use an ability called Blink three times. The Blink is basically a maneuvering ability and a dodge at the same time which makes the Jackal transform into sand, dash a few meters forward, then reappear in its normal form.

Apart from the Roller Beetle, this is one of the only mounts that can have their eyes dyed.

Even though this sounds fancy, the Jackal is mostly used to teleport through sand portals located all over the Cyrstal Desert and apply a lot of barrier to allies when dismounting by using the Bolster Allies mastery.

How to get the Jackal in Guild Wars 2

To get a Jackal, go to the waypoint Sand Jackal Run Waypoint – [&BHcKAAA=] in The Desolation. From there, find the Drojkor, Spirit Squall Renown Heart vendor, and speak to him to buy the mount.

  • If you complete the heart on the day of purchase, the mount will cost 20 Gold and Trade Contracts 200 Trade Contracts.
  • If you haven’t completed the heart on the day of purchase, then the mount will cost 30 Gold, 40 Silver, and Trade Contracts 200 Trade Contracts.

Keep note that the required Renown Heart Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals will not appear unless you have trained either the Skimmer’s Ride the Wind mastery, or the Springer’s High Vault mastery.

In my opinion, this mount is extremely underrated by the community, but this is within reason. However, check out all of its skins, they are probably the best among all mounts.

Jackal Abilities

This mount only has two abilities, one of them is used to dismount, and the other is a maneuverability ability that allows you to travel long distances by blinking.

Ability Description
Pounce Pounce toward the enemy, damaging them and anyone around them. This is a dismount ability.
Blink Blink forward while maintaining altitude. This is basically the Jackal’s dodge ability.

Jackal Masteries

It costs a total of 14 PoF Mastery Points to unlock all of the Jackal’s masteries.

The masteries focus primarily on the ability to access sand portals found all over the Crystal Desert and increasing the defensive abilities of the mount.

Mastery Mastery Points Description
Enhanced Evasion 2 Path of Fire Mastery The mount’s dodge will evade attacks for as long as the animation is taking place.
Bolster Allies 3 Path of Fire Mastery Provides nearby allies with a strong barrier after dismounting the mount using Pounce.
Shifting Sands 4 Path of Fire Mastery Gives you the ability to use sand portals.
Adroit Evasion 5 Path of Fire Mastery The mount’s Enhanced Evasion will become shared across all mounts.

That’s a wrap on the Jackal mount, and even though there is only one way to obtain that mount, ArenaNet is bound to introduce more innovative ways to get it, and if they do, then you can find that information right here.

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