Guild Wars 2: How to Get the Raptor Mount

Leap your way through exploring Tyria using the GW2 Raptor.
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How to get the Raptor in GW2


  • The Raptor is obtained by reaching level 10, and from different methods in all expansions.
  • It can leap forward and cover long distances.

The Raptor is a dinosaur that is able to leap great distances allowing players to reach previously inaccessible locations. Leaping consumes endurance, and you have control over how much you want to leap by holding the hotkey for as long or as little as you want, within the endurance limit of course.

Upgrading the Raptor’s masteries allows it to Leap even further and gain access to offensive abilities.

Moreover, players who own the thsis mount can unlock unique skins that can transform this mount into a completely different species (Cosmetic only). You can also change the dye colors on the mount’s tail, back, and top of its head.

Getting the Raptor in Guild Wars 2

GW2 raptor

There are multiple ways in which you can unlock the Raptor, and this goes back to how far you are in the game’s progress. However, keep note that unlocking the Raptor’s masteries can only be done if you have a level 80 character and own the Path of Fire expansion.

New Player Experience

With the introduction of the New Player Experience system on August 2nd, 2022, players can get their hands on the Raptor mount as soon as they reach level 10.

  • Players with any of the expansions unlocked gain permanent access.
  • Free to play players and players who only own the base game will get a ten-hour free trial to the mount.

If you are a returning player, own any of the expansions, and have a character above level 10, then the game will attempt to give you the Raptor whenever you cross 10 levels. For example, if you own a level 56 character, then getting them to level 60 gives you access to the mount.

What if you are already at level 80 though? Well, this is where the expansions come into play.

Path of Fire

To get the Raptor in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you have to travel to the Crystal Desert by following the story and completing the quest called Sparking the Flame which is done early on in the expansion.

As soon as you take the airship to the Crystal Desert, you will make your way to a burning town where you have to complete the Renown Heart Renown Heart in Seeker’s Village by rescuing townfolk and putting out the fires. The good thing is that the Heart vendor Aksim will lend you a Raptor to complete the task.

Once you complete the Renown Heart, make your way back to Aksim and purchase a Raptor Saddle to complete the Dune Rider achievement and unlock the Raptor.

End of Dragons

To get the mount in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragon, head over to New Kaineng City and complete the Renown Heart in Cobble Ward that Strigidae offers. To do that, you either have to participate in the fishing event near the Renown heart or borrow a Raptor from Strigidae and do any of the following tasks:

  • Deliver Pressurized Steam Canisters
  • Realign malfunctioning drones
  • Use the Tail Spin attack to fix Haywire Antistealth Towers.

Once you complete the task, make your way back to Strigidae and purchase the Raptor Saddle to unlock the mount.

Secrets of the Obscure

The mount can also be unlocked if you own the Secrets of the Obscure expansion.

Raptor Abilities

This mount has one offensive ability and one mobility ability.

Ability Description
Tail Spin Leap toward a specific location, damaging foes.
Leap Hold to leap forward covering a great distance.

Raptor Masteries

Raptor Masteries

This mount’s masteries can only be unlocked if you own the Path of Fire Expansion, and it costs 10 PoF Mastery points to get all the masteries.

Mastery Mastery Points Description
Ravenous Strike 1 Path of Fire Mastery Increases the damage of Tail Spin.
Round Up 2 Path of Fire Mastery Tail Spin now pulls enemies to your location.
Canyon Jumping 3 Path of Fire Mastery Allows you to leap much further and cover more ground.
Ravenous Discipline 4 Path of Fire Mastery Further increase the damage of Tail Spin.

That is all there is to know about this mount, if you still haven’t then you should probably aim to get a Springer.

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