Guild Wars 2: Tangled Depths Hero Points Guide

Delve deeper into the Maguuma jungle, and complete all the hero challenges in Tangled Depths.
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Tangled Depths Hero Points

The Tangled Depths Hero Points are one of the hardest points to get. This is due to the complexity of the map, and the difficulty that the Hero Challenges pose on you, especially if you are trying to run them solo.

As a matter of fact, some of the Tangled Depths Hero Challenges are not doable solo, so I would suggest getting a friend or asking the map chat for some assistance.

Due to the complexity of this map, I recommend watching the video.

Further in the guide, we will be going over all the Hero Points in Tangled Depths step by step, covering the waypoints and routes to take and instructions on how to complete them.

GW2 Tangled Depths Hero Points

There are 11 Hero Points in Tangled Depths. Getting a friend to help complete those challenges isn’t such a bad idea. This is because most of the Hero Challenges in this map will have Champions to fight, and they are pretty tough, and doing it solo is pretty hard, even for the veteran player.

Before we begin, make sure you have a Glider and the Itzel Poison Lore HoT mastery.

1. Troll Runestone

  • Location: Tangled Descent (Caverns Level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint [&BA4IAAA=]
  • Instructions: From the camp, head straight until you reach a small cave that takes you down to the caverns.
    • Keep going down and you will come across two slopes, for the first one deploy your glider and keep going straight.
    • When you reach the second one, drop using your glider then rotate 180 degrees and keep going straight the other way.
    • By the end of the cave, you will find a troll runestone which you have to interact with to summon the Champion Wayward Troll.
    • Defeat him to complete this hero challenge.

2. Inquisitor’s Campfire

  • Location: Undergrowth Connector (Ground Level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Teku Nuhoch Waypoint [&BAwIAAA=]
  • Instructions: Take the Teku Nuhoch waypoint and to your right is a cliff that takes you outside the tree. Get out and keep heading straight toward the hero point. When you get there, a bunch of Nuhoch will be waiting for you, defeat them then interact with the Inquisitor’s Campfire to summon and defeat Champion Zintl Inquisitor.

3. Gilded River

  • Location: Tangled Descent (Treetop Level)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Waypoint: Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint [&BA4IAAA=]
  • Instructions: There are multiple steps to completing this hero challenge.
    • From the Camp, head straight till you find a small mountain that takes you up a hill.
    • Climb that mountain twice.
    • Jump towards the tree that is on the other side of the hill. Make sure to land as far left on the tree as you can.
    • Climb up then jump and deploy your glider. From there, use the updrafts as shown in the image above to reach the place of power.

4. Egg Clutch

  • Location: Ogre Lane (Caverns Level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Dragon’s Passage Waypoint [&BIgIAAA=]
  • Instructions: From the Dragon’s Passage waypoint, simply follow the path, and it will lead you to the hero challenge where a Champion Chak Blitzer will be waiting for you. Defeat him to earn the Tangled Depths hero points.

5. Nightthistle Bloom

Nightthistle Bloom

  • Location: Dragon’s Passage
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Dragon’s Passage Waypoint [&BIgIAAA=]
  • Instructions: From the same waypoint you took to get to Egg Clutch, follow the path then take the first left. Keep going straight then use the updraft to get to the other side. Interact with the Nightthistle Bloom to summon a Champion.

6. Jellyfish Grotto

  • Location: Deeproot Sink (Depths level)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Waypoint: Dragon’s Passage Waypoint [&BIgIAAA=]
  • Instructions: [Recommended to watch the video] This is not a hard hero point to earn but it’s pretty far. Just take the same path you did for Nightthistle Bloom, but this time keep heading straight after the hero challenge and you will come across a deep river. Jump into the river and keep going down and take all the Exalted Beacons to keep yourself safe. Halfway through the depths you will find a place of power, interact with it to get the hero points.

7. Chak Hatchery

  • Location: Chak Stronghold (Caverns level)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Waypoint: Dragon’s Passage Waypoint [&BIgIAAA=]
  • Instructions: [Recommended to watch the video] Following the same path you took for Jellyfish Grotto hero point, but this time instead of going toward the place of power, continue upstream.
    • By the end of the deep water, you will find an exit where you have to swim all the way back up.
    • Once you’re up, follow the path that takes you to the Place of Power.
    • You will stumble upon a Chak Sapper, and to defeat him, you have to break his stun bar.
    • Defeat the Sapper then interact with the place of power to get the hero points.

8. Guanno Incubated Spider

  • Location: Deeproot Sink (Treetop level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Ogre Camp Waypoint [&BMwHAAA=]
  • Instructions: From the Ogre Camp, follow the path where there is a lake, and by the end of it will be a Mushroom that will skyrocket you to a cliff. From that cliff take the updraft to the other side of the mountain and you will see the Guanno Incubated Spider Eggs lying there. Interact with them to summon a Champion Spider, and defeat her to obtain the Tangled Depths hero points.

9. Mushroom Spore Cloud

  • Location: Rata Novus Lane (Caverns level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Teku Nuhoch Waypoint [&BAwIAAA=]
  • Instructions: [Recommended to watch the video] 
    • Exit the Nuhoch tree and take the first Mushroom that you will see in front of you.
    • From there keep heading down the lane until you come across some Mushroom Bombers.
    • Defeat the Bombers to reveal a path
    • Go through that path and then you will come across another pack of Mushroom Bombers.
    • Defeat those to open another gate that leads you directly to the hero point.
    • Defeat the two Veteran Mushrooms then interact with the place of power to get this hero point.

10. Ancient Power Core

  • Location: Decayed Hive (Caverns level)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Waypoint: Rata Novus Waypoint [&BAMIAAA=]
  • Instructions: One of the easiest Tangled Depths Hero points would be this one.
    • From the Rata Novus waypoint, head down to the water and keep taking the Exalted Beacons as you go.
    • By the end of the lake will be a cave where you have to jump on some rocks to get to the hero point room.
    • Once you climbed the rocks, jump back to the other side of the laboratory where the place of power is waiting for you.

11. Newborn Mushrooms

  • Location: Newborn Mushrooms (Caverns level)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Waypoint: Rata Novus Waypoint [&BAMIAAA=]
  • Instructions: This was the hardest one of the hero points in Tangled Depths.
    • To get there, you have to start from the Rata Novus waypoint and make your way toward the Rata Novus Command Center.
    • From there, you will see a set of stairs.
    • Climb up then glide your way to the small hole right behind the stairs.
    • Keep going straight and by the end, you will see the Newborn Mushroom challenge.
    • Interact with it to summon a Champion Mushroom.

That’s all eleven Hero Points in Tangled Depths. If you wish to proceed with completing more challenges, you can look at the Hero Points in Dragon’s Stand which is the next and last map in Heart of Thorns.

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