Guild Wars 2: Equipment Tracker Achievement Guide

Help Shadi find her equipment by completing this Achievement in Guild Wars 2.
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Equipment Tracker Guide

In this guide, we will be going over how to complete the Equipment Tracker achievement, what kind of rewards you can expect by completing it, and how to unlock the collection.

How to complete the Equipment Tracker achievement

To complete this achievement, you have to speak with Seargent Shadi to unlock the collection, then go on a journey to find all her missing pieces of armor, and finally give them back to her.

Make sure you have a Skimmer and a Springer before you start this collection because you will need them to reach locations that can’t be reached by foot.

Where is Seargent Shadi located?

Seargent Shadi is located on the northwestern side of Elon Riverlands, next to Point of interest Ossa’s Defeat point of interest [&BNEKAAA=]. By speaking with her, you will unlock the Equipment Tracker achievement where she will ask for your help to find her missing gear. Your task is to collect the following pieces:

  • Sword
  • Armor
  • Boots
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Helm

Shadi’s Sword

Shadi’s Sword is the first piece of gear that you will get, and it is dropped by the Veteran Fire Djinn which is located next to Shadi. Tread carefully though as this guy can deal some damage, and dying means that you have to run all the way back.

Shadi’s Armor

Shadi’s Armor is located northeast of the waypoint Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]. You will need a Skimmer mount before you can get this piece because the entrance to the cave where the armor is located is covered with quicksand.

Be careful because the armor is in a chest that is defended by two veterans and a bunch of other enemies. My advice would be to go from the left-hand side and deal some ranged damage before you engage.

Shadi’s Boots

To get the boots, you have to head northwest from the waypoint Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=] to The Scavengelands area. Under a tent, you will find a Veteran Skritt called Chikkchak who is wearing Shadi’s Boots.

It is your job to teach him a lesson about not stealing by defeating him and getting the boots back.

Shadi’s Gloves

Once again, take the waypoint Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=] and head south to the river. You will need a Springer because the gloves are located on a high mountain, inside a pile of sand.

Once you are up the mountain, be prepared to confront a Veteran Djinn because it won’t let you interact with the pile of sand without a fight.

Shadi’s Helm

Shadi's Helm location

The last piece is located northeast of Elon Riverlands, in a cave next to waypoint Augury’s Shadow Waypoint [&BFMKAAA=]. Getting there is pretty easy, just make sure to avoid the branded river because it can deal quite the damage.

Once you are in the cave, defeat the enemy defending Shadi’s helm then retrieve it and make your way back to Shadi.

Equipment Tracker rewards

Equipment Tracker

By completing the Equipment Tracker collection, you will get 5 Achievement Points, 1 PoF Mastery Point, and a Mini Master Sergeant Shadi.

With that, you are done with this collection, and you are one step closer to getting your Griffon and completing the Elon Riverlands achievements.

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