Guild Wars 2: How to Get the Warclaw Mount

Unlock your potential in WvW by getting the Warclaw mount in Guild Wars 2.
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How to get the warclaw in gw2


  • This mount can be obtained from WvW only.
  • The Warclaw is the one and only mount that can be used in World vs. World.
  • It can be used in both PvE, and WvW but with limited abilities in PvE.

The Warclaw is a mount that can only be obtained in World vs. World (WvW), and if you have the Path of Fire expansion unlocked. This guide will cover a step-by-step process on how to get this mount.

Getting the Warclaw in Guild Wars 2

Warclaw Mastery

To get the Warclaw you have to own the Path of Fire Expansion and then do the following:

  • Spend one WvW Ability Point on the Warclaw Mastery, then use the Warclaw Emblem.
  • Complete the Warclaw Companion collection.
  • Use the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership.
  • Purchase the mount from Elvie the Warclaw Tender for 8 Gold.

Warclaw Companion collection

Warclaw Companion

This collection will be locked by default and to unlock it you have to spend one WvW Ability Point on the Warclaw Mastery and use the Warclaw Emblem.

Keep note that the Warclaw Emblem will only be rewarded if you are in any WvW map.

After that, you have to do the following tasks to complete the Warclaw Companion collection.

  • Warclaw Horn Spikes: Capture a camp.
  • Warclaw Gorget: Capture a keep.
  • Warclaw Saddle: Capture a tower.
  • Warclaw Helmet: Complete the Warclaw Reward Track.
  • Warclaw Body Armor: Purchased from the Warclaw Tender vendor for WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets.
  • Warclaw Leg Armor: Purchased from the Warclaw Tendor vendor for Badge of Honor 250 Badges of Honor.
  • Warclaw Tail Armor: Looted from Guards all over the mists.

Capture a camp, keep and tower

This can be done if you play WvW regularly, just follow a commander on any of the WvW maps and then they will naturally capture those objectives. A camp can be captured solo, but if you are a newer player, then it is preferable to come with some helping hands.

Complete the Warclaw Reward Track

Warclaw reward track

The Warclaw Reward track is also obtained naturally. The only thing you have to watch out for is keeping your participation rewards at tier 6, and this can be done by defeating enemies or capturing objectives. Just spend some time in WvW and you will naturally complete the reward track, just make sure it is active.

I also recommend focusing on completing the WvW dailies as they will reward you with Potion of WvW Rewards which gives a big number of reward track experience.

Purchase the Warclaw Body Armor

You need 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets to get the Body Armor from the merchant and to get those tickets, you have to maintain tier 6 participation and earn pips every 5 minutes. Earn enough pips to complete a Skirmish Reward track and unlock a Skirmish Chest.

Purchase the Warclaw Leg Armor

You need 250 Badges of Honor to get the Leg Armor from the merchant. The Badges of Honor can be obtained from Skirmish Chests, Bags of Loot, Eternal Chests, and capturing objectives. I wouldn’t bother myself too much with those because if you play WvW, you will naturally accumulate Badges of Honor.

Warclaw Tender

Once you are done with the collection, simply use the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership that you get and then purchase the mount from the Tender vendor.

Warclaw Abilities

The Warclaw has the most abilities among all the mounts in the game, but they are only accessible if you have upgraded the Warclaw’s masteries and if you are in WvW. Those abilities can’t be used while you are playing PvE, with the exception of Battle Maul and Dash.

Ability Description
Battle Maul Pounce forward and dismount.
Sniff Detects nearby enemies and reveals their locations on the map.
Chain Pull Attaches hooks to gates and deals damage to them. This ability requires supplies.
Lance Throw a lance at an enemy player. If they got hit, both you and the enemy will get dismounted, but they will get knocked down.
Dash Dashes forward and evades any incoming attacks.

Warclaw Masteries

Warclaw Masteries don’t cost Mastery Points, but WvW Ability Points WvW Ability Points. You get 1 WvW Ability Point every time you level up in WvW, and it costs a total of 166 WvW Ability Points to get all the Warclaw’s WvW abilities.

Rank WvW Ability Points WvW Ability Points Description
1 1 Unlock the Warclaw companion achievement.
2 15 While mounted, allow other allies to run at the same speed as the Warclaw, temporarily.
3 20 The Warclaw gains an additional endurance bar
4 25 Battle Maul starts dealing more damage to downed enemies.
5 30 Unlocks the Sniff ability
6 35 Unlocks the Chain Pull ability
7 40 Unlocks the Lance ability

That’s a wrap on the Warclaw mount, and I just have to put it out there that this mount is completely useless in PvE, and shouldn’t be used there. You only get this mount if you want the achievement points, are a collector, or want to actually play WvW.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Warclaw

Can I use the Warclaw in PvE?

Yes, you can use the Warclaw in PvE, but the mount can't be utilized to its full potential.
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